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secrets of marketing

Harry Potter and the Lost Secrets of Marketing

  Mediocre marketing means poor results. Do it right and it’s almost like magic. Have you forgotten the lost secrets of marketing? Let Harry Potter show you how. Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing Okay, let’s forget age discrimination and be sensible. This...
hack inside information

Pick Someone’s Brain and Hack Inside Information

If you need to pick someone’s brain and hack inside information be smart. Use the “Tell me like I’m stupid” strategy. Here’s how you can get better information and have a better idea what to do with it. Pick Their Brains Picking someone’s brain means gathering all the key...
successful marketing

Successful Marketing Is Like Satisfying Sex – Don’t Overthink It

Successful marketing is like satisfying sex – don’t overthink it. If you dread marketing you aren’t doing it right. Here’s how enjoy it and do it more often. We Make It Too Difficult Marketing has a lot in common with gourmet cooking, Frisbee tossing and...
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