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be remarkable and unforgettable

Be Remarkable and Unforgettable – Stand Out & Get Noticed

If your marketing, messaging and events are forgettable you might as well be invisible. If it’s not memorable it’s mediocre. So be remarkable and unforgettable. Here’s how to stand out and get noticed. The secrets come from my personal trip to the Twilight Zone. This...
boost communication

4 Effective Ways to Boost Communication and Maximize Marketing

Your customers, clients and employees are confused and frustrated. They really want to understand what you’re saying – BUT. If your messages and marketing are as clear as mud then you need to clean up your act. Here are 4 effective ways to boost communication and maximize...
build your business

Someone is Stealing Your Business, Ideas and Sales

If you think you are only as good as your last project, sale or event, you’re totally wrong! You are only as good as your NEXT project, sale or event! Someone is stealing your business, ideas and sales – and here’s how to stop them and build your business. No One Cares About Your...
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